The Creepy Small Town In West Virginia With Insane Paranormal Activity

Sometimes there’s just something about certain places that makes them seem extra spooky. When there’s been a war, or a great tragedy, or unfortunate accident, sometimes it seems like that dark energy can get stuck and hang around for a while. This one little town in West Virginia has experienced all of those things, and the paranormal activity in town is off the charts.

Read more about the ghosts of Lowe Hotel and Point Pleasant at Theresa’s Haunted History.

Here’s a video by Dan Bell of explorers wandering the Lowe Hotel at 3 AM. Do you spot any ghosts hanging around? Even without paranormal activity, the hotel is strikingly beautiful.

For another creepy town in West Virginia, check out the town of Moundsville, with the haunted West Virginia State Penitentiary, and a haunted museum.