This West Virginia Peak And Cave Pairing Takes You From The Top Of The World To the Bowels Of The Earth In A Single Day

Contrasts in nature abound, and we all experience them, whether we’re out hiking or just sitting on our back porch watching evening fall. We daily live through the morning and evening juxtaposition of light and darkness. Seasonally, we see the verdant greens of spring and summer contrasted with the crimson and brown hues of fall and winter, contrasts of life and death. And in West Virginia’s Grant County, one can also experience another of nature’s contrasts: high and low, peak and trough, mountain-top and cave depth.

Have you ever attempted a peak and cave pairing like this before? If so, which ones? We realize there are more options than just these, even right here in Germany Valley (Seneca Rocks/Seneca Caverns, we’re looking at you!). To learn more about the individual components of this pairing, you can read more about Chimney Top here or Smoke Hole here.

Address: Smoke Hole Caverns, 8290 N Fork Hwy, Cabins, WV 26855, USA
Address: North Fork Mountain, West Virginia 26884, USA