The National Road That Connects West Virginia To The Pacific Ocean Holds Over 200 Years Of Travel Memories

Did you know that there is a coast-to-coast highway that passes through West Virginia? It’s called the National All Trails Road (because it joins the National Road and the Sante Fe Trail), and the portion in West Virginia dates back over 200 years, providing us a rich connection to our history and our fellow Americans.

Driving the National Road or walking the Wheeling Extension Bridge today, it’s hard to imagine the time when covered wagons traveled this path en route to the western frontier. It’s also hard to picture, looking westward, that this road runs all the way to the Pacific Ocean. What a privilege to have this connection to the brave pioneers who have gone before us and to the fellow Americans who stand beside us, from sea to shining sea.

Address: National Rd, Wheeling, WV, USA