These 9 More Songs About West Virginia Will Touch Your Soul Today

West Virginia has inspired some beautiful songs by those who love it and call it home. We already brought you a list of 10 West Virginia songs, but there are countless songs about the Mountain State. Here’s part 2 of that list. I hope you enjoy these 9 more songs.

1. My Home Among the Hills by E.W. James Jr.

This one always gives me chills.

2. The Green Rolling Hills of West Virginia by Bruce Phillips, Hazel Dickens & Alice Gerrard. Sung by Emmylou Harris and Mary Black.

This one is beautiful.

3. I wanna go back to West Virginia by Spike Jones. 

This is a sentiment shared by a lot of West Virginians who have left home.

4. Coal Tattoo by Billy Edd Wheeler

Great song about West Virginia’s heritage in coal mining.

5. West Virginia Chose Me, written by Colleen Anderson and performed by Mountain Thyme.

A song about staying in West Virginia when others leave.


6. Wild West Virginia by Dan Johnson 

I hadn’t heard this one. It’s kinda funny.



7. The West Virginia Mambo by the Carpenter Ants, sung by Larry Grace

I dare you not to dance to this fun song by one of Charleston’s most popular bands.

8.You remind me of West Virginia

Something tells me we’ll be hearing more from young Wyatt Turner.

9. West Virginia Hills by Jeff Ellis

A good one by South Charleston native Jeff Ellis.


So what’s your favorite song about West Virginia?