This Small Mountain Lake In West Virginia Offers The Perfect Way To Spend An Afternoon

What’s your favorite way to spend a free afternoon in wild, wonderful West Virginia? Maybe you like to head out on a shopping expedition. Maybe you choose to hit the road for a scenic drive. Maybe you explore a new exhibit at your favorite museum. Or maybe you head outside for a romp through these beautiful, age-old Appalachian Mountains. If that last choice is your idea of the perfect way to spend an afternoon, then consider this small, serene state park nestled in the mountains of West Virginia for an ideal destination: Moncove Lake.

To learn more about Moncove Lake State Park, what amenities it offers, and how to find it, visit the Moncove Lake State Park page on the West Virginia State Parks website. Mountain lakes pop up pretty often in West Virginia’s excellent state park system. Try Little Beaver State Park for another beautiful afternoon escape!

Address: Moncove Lake State Park, Co Rd 4/2, Gap Mills, WV 24941, USA