West Virginia is known as the Wild and Wonderful state and with good reason. It seems like just about any drive in West Virginia could be a natural wonders road trip, but there are especially amazing views in one area in particular: the Monongahela National Forest. Let’s take a look at some of the most stunning natural wonders in West Virginia.

The driving for this trip to see natural wonders in West Virginia will take just about seven hours, but you’ll probably want to make it into a two or three-day adventure to have plenty of time to take in all the scenery. If you have some favorite natural wonders in West Virginia, let us know about them in the comments.

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Road Trip-Worthy Destinations in West Virginia

What are the most unique attractions in West Virginia?

The most unique attractions in West Virginia include:

  • The John Brown Wax Museum. This museum focuses on John Brown’s raid on Harpers Ferry and the wax figures create a sense of uncanny valley.
  • The Mothman Museum. Located in Point Pleasant, this museum features exhibits all about the urban legend of the Mothman.
  • The Coal House. This house in Williamson is actually made out of coal and it sits next to the Mingo Country Courthouse.
  • Lost World Caverns. These caves were reportedly the home of Batboy, who was seen on tabloid covers for several years.

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What are some hidden gem destinations in West Virginia?

Hidden gem destinations in West Virginia include:

  • Cool Spring Nature Preserve. This bucolic nature center has beautiful wildflowers, amazing views, and a bit of history.
  • Palace of Gold. Located in Moundsville, this scintillating structure is finely detailed and a beautiful sight to behold.
  • The Highland Scenic Highway. Take a drive here during the fall to get an exemplary view of the entire valleys filled with vivid changing colors.
  • Rudolph Falls and Swimming Hole. This is a perfect summer day trip where you can take in the natural beauty while cooling off in the pristine waters.

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What are the most underrated attractions in West Virginia?

The most underrated attractions in West Virginia include:

  • West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey. Come here to see an actual dinosaur skeleton and gorgeous rare gemstones.
  • The West Virginia Botanic Garden. Located in Morgantown, this lovely garden shows off a great variety of flowers and plants that are pleasing to the eye.
  • West Virginia State Museum. This is where visitors can learn all about the history of this state while seeing artifacts from the past.
  • Museum of American Glass. The exhibits of intricately detailed glasswork are truly a sight to behold. You can learn how these pieces are made as well.

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