Sink Your Toes In The Sand At The Longest Beach In West Virginia

With over sixty miles of shoreline (for reference, that’s like the distance via I-64 from Charleston, West Virginia to the New River Gorge Bridge), West Virginia’s largest lake is one for the books. Nicknamed the “Little Bahamas of the East,” Summersville Lake is a stunning piece of waterfront. Scuba-diving. Dinner cruises. A lighthouse. These are just a few of the unique attractions the sparkling blue-green water of Summersville boasts! Plus, add another record breaker to the list of superlatives: Summersville is home to the longest beach in West Virginia.

So don’t worry if you can’t make it to the ocean this summer; sink your toes in the sand at the longest beach in West Virginia at Summersville Lake instead. Find out more about what’s offered at this iconic West Virginia waterbody (like that scuba diving or that lighthouse or the dinner cruise or those campgrounds we mentioned) on the Summersville, West Virginia city website.

Address: Summersville Lake, West Virginia, USA