There’s A New Irish-Themed Pub In West Virginia, And It’s Enchanting

What a treat that food varies by region. We all, not matter where we live, love to eat. But we don’t all love to eat the same things. We don’t all have access to the same ingredients. We each have our own unique cultural history. And the flavorful variety to result across the plethora of cultures around the world is astounding. And delicious. And we’ve got a good sampling of that variety right here in West Virginia, where we can enjoy authentic Italian, Asian, Cajun, Mexican, and Mediterranean cuisine, plus many others… including, as of just recently, Irish. That’s right, there’s now a real Irish pub right here in West Virginia.

To learn more, check hours, find a menu, and more, check out Connolly’s Irish Pub on the web or on Facebook. Connolly’s Irish Pub is a lucky find, that’s for sure! Have you tried it yet? Visit the only true Irish pub in the area at 2801 Main Street in Hurricane, West Virginia.

Address: Connolly's Irish Pub, 2801 Main St, Hurricane, WV 25526, USA