Spend The Night On The Water In This Wonderfully Cool Houseboat In West Virginia

Summertime activities in West Virginia are boundless, especially ways to stow away for a weekend or longer, like the amazing houseboats you can rent at Sutton Lake Marina. While some houseboat rentals elsewhere many confine you to being tied to the dock the entire time, on a houseboat rental from Sutton Lake Marina, you’ll have the keys to the ship and can take her on more than just a three-hour tour! (Don’t fault us for the lame “Gilligan’s Island” joke…)

Ready for an awesome family vacation on the water this year? Sutton Lake Marina is located at 1734 Bee Run Rd., Sutton, WV 26601. Houseboats are available for three-day weekends, four-day mid-week getaways, and week-long rentals. Rates vary by peak vs. off-peak season. Get more information from this link on the official website!

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