This Haunted Tunnel In West Virginia Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

Flinderation Tunnel is an old tunnel near Salem, West Virginia that had been used by the Northwestern Virginia Railroad, and funded by the B&O Railroad. It has since been abandoned, but it is now part of the North Bend Rail Trail, so anyone can visit and see if they experience supernatural activity for themselves.

Here’s a video about some of the experiences that people have had while visiting the Flinderation Tunnel. It was produced by Haunted Places, and uploaded by Ghost Stories.

Note: Although the video mentions Weston, WV, the tunnel is actually located much closer to Salem.

To get to the tunnel: Traveling through Salem on Rt 50, take the Raccoon Run Road/Flinderation Road exit. You will cross a bridge. Keep right, then drive for about 500 ft. You can see where train tracks ran across the road, and you will see a gate on your right hand side where you can park your car. From the gate, walk about 100 yards down the rail trail, and you’ll see the tunnel.

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