The World’s Freshest Jams Are Tucked Away Inside This Hidden West Virginia Mercantile

You can’t make a PB&J without the J. You can’t make a jelly donut without it, either. For the best PB&J of your life (not to mention the best jelly donuts), use the most delicious fresh jam or jelly to be found in West Virginia — plus, it comes in all sorts of locally grown, locally made, locally sold options that are all low in sugar and high in flavor. It’s homemade jelly that tastes every bit as good as the stuff your grandmother used to make!

Learn more about how to get your hands on some fresh jam or jelly in West Virginia on the websites of Junction Mercantile and Sister Sue’s. What fruit spread is your favorite? It’s likely Sister Sue’s makes it!

Address: Junction Mercantile, 8003 Charles Town Rd, Shenandoah Junction, WV 25442, USA

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