For A Half-Decade, People Have Been Pulling Over To Check Out This Spooktacular Roadside Display In West Virginia

Whether you love to be spooked or you’re just interested in local lore, you’ll enjoy a trip past the roadside display known as the Flatwoods Monster Trail in Braxton County, West Virginia, with its various huge, ghoulish chairs that provide an excellent spot for a photo-op. Visit during the day if you don’t want to be too spooked…or after dark by the light of your headlights, if you dare!

To visit these chairs along the Flatwoods Monster Trail, see this map for the exact locations of each. To learn more about all things associated with the Flatwoods Monster and Trail, visit the Braxton County Convention Bureau website. Have you taken the time to pull over and check out this spectacular, spooktacular roadside display? All of the chairs or just one?

For another spooktacular roadside monument, consider the Mothman statue in Point Pleasant.

Address: Braxton County, WV, USA