Some Of The Most Popular And Colorful Dishes In The U.S. Are Made Right Here In West Virginia

Fiesta Dinnerware. Sound familiar? It should: they’re the sturdy, brightly colored, pottery-style dishes that have been extremely popular in kitchens around the United States for decades. But here’s what you may not have known: all those millions of dishes that are found in so many of America’s homes are made right here in West Virginia!

To learn more about the Newell Fiesta Factory, visit their website. And while you’re near the factory, make sure to visit the world’s biggest teapot! It has an interesting connection to the Homer Laughlin China Factory as well.

Do you use Fiesta Dinnerware? What other products do you love that are made right here in West Virginia?


Address: Fiesta Tableware Company, 672 Fiesta Dr, Newell, WV 26050, USA