You’ll Get Loads Of Treats At This Dairy Farm In West Virginia With Incredible Milks And Cheeses

What do you call a mother cow who has just given birth? De-calf-inated. We know, we know. But now that you’re done groaning over our lame sense of humor, let us introduce you to something that’s guaranteed to bring a smile to your face: a local West Virginia dairy farm that turns gallons and gallons of fresh, delicious milk into incredible yogurts, cheeses, creamers, flavored milks, and more!

To get in touch with the folks at Jamestowne Dairy Farm or to learn more about their products, visit the farm on Facebook. Did you know about this local Mason County dairy farm and its incredible made-in-West Virginia products? (Oh, and if you’re not sure where Letart is, it’s mostly east and slightly north of Point Pleasant.)

Address: Jamestowne Dairy LLC, 6640 Plain Valley Rd, Letart, WV 25253, USA