Cranesville Swamp Bog Is An Otherworldly Destination On The West Virginia Border

West Virginia is known for deep, forested canyons; rugged, wooded mountain slopes; and historic small towns with huge, old trees lining the streets. But do you know what West Virginia is not known for? Wide-open, swampy grass plains. That’s why a visit to Cranesville Swamp Preserve’s boreal bog will feel like an adventure to another world. And in fact, it really is, if the other world you have in mind is Canada: the surrounding mountains funnel cold air and moisture into this swamp to create a microclimate reminiscent of something you might find on the other side of our country’s northern border.

The Nature Conservancy provides this video of Cranesville Swamp Preserve so that you can learn more about this amazing ecosystem before you visit, as well as an audio tour that you can listen to ahead of time or download and take with you to listen as you hike. You can visit their website for more information.

Have you visited this rare site and enjoyed its unique beauty? We are not a large state, but it truly is amazing the variety we can enjoy right here within our state borders!

Address: Cranesville Swamp, Terra Alta, WV 26764, USA