The Best Place To Find Carnivorous Plants Growing Wild In West Virginia Is The Cranberry Glades

In the high wilderness of the Monongahela National Forest in Pocahontas County, West Virginia lies a tiny ecosystem that is unlike anything else in the entire state: Cranberry Glades Botanical Area. This 750-acre protected area is home to the Mountain State’s largest region of boreal bogs.

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Unsurprisingly, at 3,400 feet of elevation, Cranberry Glades experiences a very cool and wet microclimate, collecting cold air from the 4000 foot mountains surrounding it. Frosts can occur even into the summer.  In the summer, especially, come prepared for a welcome relief from lowland heat, but dress accordingly! And if you just love grisly yet fascinating plant life like these carnivorous plants, you might also want to learn more about West Virginia’s most gruesome fungus, Dead Man’s Fingers.

Address: Cranberry Glades Boardwalk, Little Levels District, WV 24946, USA