View West Virginia’s Majestic New River Gorge Live From Anywhere In The World

There’s a word in the English language that is formed from two Latin terms that mean “painful longing” and “return to home.” That word is nostalgia, and many of us experience it in one form or another. But it seems to be especially strong for those who spent time in West Virginia in years past but have moved on to other parts of the world. Some will never have the opportunity to return to this area that they hold so close to their heart.

You can check this webcam view of West Virginia’s New River Gorge for yourself here. Or, if you prefer, here’s some drone footage of the tallest interstate bridge in the United States, which crosses some particularly beautiful, rugged country on I-64, and may just strengthen your feelings of nostalgia rather than lessen them!

Address: Lerona, WV 25971, USA