Enjoy A Delicious Waterfront Lunch At Brownstone Mill, The Tiniest, Cutest Deli And General Store In West Virginia

Bread has always symbolized one of life’s basic necessities. In the olden days, you couldn’t have bread without access to a mill to grind your wheat into flour. Now, only a few mill buildings are left in West Virginia, and even fewer still provide customers with bread. Brownstone Mill in Mt. Nebo won’t grind your wheat into flour, but they will sell you some, and they also serve up some of the best bread and baked goods around!

To learn more, visit them on the web or on Facebook! Have you been in to visit Brownstone Mill yet? They’re conveniently located not far from either Summersville Lake or Carnifex Ferry Battlefield State Park.

Address: 132 Brownstone Village Drive, Mt Nebo, WV 26679, USA