Here Are The 8 Best Counties In West Virginia To Find A Job

If you’re thinking of moving to West Virginia, it would help to have a job here. Where should you look for that job? Let me help you answer that question. Below are some of the best counties in the state to find a job. I based this list on the unemployment rates and the average amount of money that people in those counties are bringing home each year.

As one might expect, the counties in West Virginia’s southern coalfields have the highest unemployment rates: Mingo has a 14 percent rate, McDowell has a 13.6 percent unemployment rate and Logan’s is 11.9. The lowest unemployment rates can be found more north and in the Eastern Panhandle.

Here are some of the best places to find a job in West Virginia. These are not in a particular order.

Which one of these counties would you want to move to? And can anyone name another place in West Virginia where the job market is good?