7 Of The Greatest Waterfall Hiking Trails In West Virginia For Beginners

In West Virginia, we may be known as the Mountain State, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find other noteworthy natural wonders here! Instead of making your way up high elevations, trade in the treacherous treks for some more easy-going waterfall hikes that can be found all around our state. If this type of adventure sounds right up your alley, then keep scrolling to discover some of the greatest waterfall trails.

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Address: Blackwater Canyon Trail, Thomas, WV, USA
Address: Babcock State Park, 486 Babcock Rd, Clifftop, WV 25831, USA
Address: Brush Creek Falls, Athens, WV 24712, USA
Address: Falls of Hills Creek, West Virginia 24946, USA
Address: Blackwater Falls, West Virginia 26260, USA
Address: Brush Creek Falls Rd, Princeton, WV, USA
Address: Sandstone Falls, West Virginia 25918, USA