This Stunning Quarry Lake In West Virginia Is Off-Limits To The Public, But You Can Visit It By Drone

We all know West Virginia has lakes. Lots and lots of lakes. But abandoned rock quarry lakes? Those aren’t quite so common. We do have them here in the Mountain State, though, including the stunning Bakerton Quarry located near Harpers Ferry.

(Please note that this lake is privately owned. DO NOT attempt to access it in person without permission!)

Are you one of the lucky ones with permission to enjoy Bakerton Quarry in person? We have to admit that we’re a little jealous! But like we said earlier, there are lots of other lakes around the state that anyone can enjoy. Summersville Lake, for example, has beautiful blue-green water, cliffs, hiking, and even a lighthouse!

Are there any other quarry lakes in West Virginia that are open to the public? What’s your favorite lakeside destination in the Mountain State? Let us know in the comments.