Are you searching online for “waterfalls near me?” So are we! Especially those that might rush through cool forests, city landscapes near lakes, or any other relaxing outdoor locales. Come along as we explore these nine different West Virginia waterfalls dotted around the state.

Here’s an interactive map of these West Virginia waterfalls. Oh, and if you get hungry on the trip, consider the Hinton DQ. There’s no other like it in the nation! Enjoy!

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Waterfalls in West Virginia

What is the tallest waterfall in West Virginia?

The tallest waterfall in West Virginia is called Blackwater Falls. You can find it inside of its namesake Blackwater Falls State Park. It’s really easy to get to, only a .04-mile trek along the beautiful Blackwater Falls Trail. There are a series of wide—but well-kept and safe—stairways from which to enjoy the falls from different angles.

Are there any waterfalls in or around the Charleston area?

Yes, there is a waterfall near the Charleston area, located only about a 40-mile drive southwest of the city called Cathedral Falls. One of the many things that draw folks here from around the area and across the state is its height of 100 feet high. And true to its name, it cascades off of several natural surfaces which offers visitors a variety of vantage points from which to enjoy it. Cathedral Falls is definitely one of the most beautiful and best waterfall hikes in West Virginia.

I’m looking for campgrounds in West Virginia. Can you suggest a few?

There are several wonderful campgrounds in West Virginia, each offering its own amenities and adventures. The Mountain Lake Campground and Cabins are just an 8-minute drive from the town of Summerville. This campground is very popular in part to its proximity to beautiful Summerville Lake. There is also a campground located at Tygart Lake State Park. Located off Highway 50 about 40 minutes from the town of Clarksburg, the campground has a lot to offer, including a bathhouse.

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