11 Life Lessons You Learn Growing Up In West Virginia

We consider ourselves very lucky to be able to say that we are born and raised West Virginians. This Mountain State always has been and always will be my home. And we’re not alone — folks love it here. Many have this same privilege, being able to grow up here and learn about the world all while living in “Almost Heaven.” So the following are just a few of the wonderful life lessons you learn when you’re lucky enough to live in West Virginia. These are just a few of the many, many things that we have learned from our time in this wonderful state!

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One of the greatest things about living in West Virginia is our appreciation for history. We have a past we are proud of, full of hardworking, humble people and downright trailblazers. Are you looking to brush up on your Mountain State trivia? Here are 15 historical facts about West Virginia you really ought to know!

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life lessons you learn in West Virginia

December 06, 2021

What are some other life lessons you learn in West Virginia?

One of the most important things we learn young in West Virginia is how incredibly beautiful our state is. With its flowing rivers, breathtaking mountain vistas, ancient forests, valleys, and more, West Virginia is truly a treasure trove of natural beauty. Knowing where to start when exploring West Virginia’s natural wonders can be a bit overwhelming, in fact. Fortunately, we’ve pinpointed some of the most exquisite landmarks in the state. Whether you prefer gentle strolls in the woods or the rush of adrenaline that can only come from climbing to a mountain peak, you won’t be disappointed by the variety of outdoor scenery in West Virginia — and this is something we never, ever take for granted!

Is West Virginia a nice place to live?

Absolutely! We have four distinct seasons, the nicest people around, and absolutely breathtaking scenery and natural beauty. But that’s not all. There are many ways to describe West Virginia, but thanks to the treasure trove of attractions found around the state, boring isn’t one of them. West Virginia has it all: thrilling train rides and boat tours, interactive zoos and farms, epic waterparks, historic sites, and charming towns — there’s always a unique adventure ready and waiting for you here in The Mountain State. Explore historic mountain towns. Peruse local thrift, book, or general stores. Stop at an antique shop or a farmers market. Head out to the nearest admission-free state park. There are endless options for adventure; here are some of the best attractions and places to visit in West Virginia!

What are some unique things people from West Virginia do?

West Virginians are a unique bunch, and we have our own distinct quirks and tastes. Especially when it comes to food. In addition to our undying love and allegiance to the mighty pepperoni roll, we also have a thing for some crazy food combinations that many might consider, well, a bit odd. For us, liver and onions is as delicious as PB&J; cornbread and milk is even better than cookies and milk; and hot dogs piled high with cole slaw? Sign us up! These things might seem crazy or even (gasp!) gross to some, but it’s all part of the distinct cuisine of the Mountain State. Now who’s hungry?