Canyon de Chelly National Monument (Chinle)

There are a couple of different ways to explore this fascinating place: you can either embark on a guided hike into the canyon and marvel at hand-built cliff dwellings or take a scenic drive and enjoy the scenery from several different overlooks.

Petrified Forest National Park (Holbrook)

Part of the world-famous Painted Desert, Petrified Forest National Park tells the story of a 200-million-year-old forest whose fossilized logs create the colorful rock layers iconic to the region. Take in the scenery from the comfort of your own vehicle.

Grand Falls (Leupp)

Just outside of Flagstaff, Grand Falls is a hidden treasure on the Navajo Nation. The 185-foot waterfall isn't always flowing - usually just in the spring or after heavy rainfall - but either way, this magical place is worth visiting. Plus, the walk from the parking lot to the falls is only about a mile long!

Wupatki National Monument (Flagstaff)

Also near Flagstaff, Wupatki National Monument preserves a 200-room pueblo constructed by the Sinagua people circa 500 AD. The structure has been abandoned for years, but it remains surprisingly intact despite being fully exposed to the elements.

Humphreys Peak (Flagstaff)

Last, but certainly not least, our trip concludes with Humphreys Peak. The highest natural point in Arizona, the often snowcapped mountain towers at an impressive elevation of 12,637 feet. It's easily one of the most beautiful places in Arizona!