If you’re looking to savor a scrumptious meal while dining over the Spokane River in Washington state, plan to head to Clinkerdagger’s. As one of the longest standing restaurants in the area, Clinkerdagger’s is known for its fresh seafood, hearty steaks, and breathtaking water views.

Aside from dining in style, another perk to your waterfront dining experience at Clinkerdagger’s is access to walk along Spokane’s Riverfront Park. Therefore, feel free to time your outing so you can watch the sunset after enjoying a late lunch or early dinner on Clinkerdagger’s patio.


To prepare for your memorable evening out in Spokane, visit Clinkerdagger’s website to make a reservation and sneak a peek at their menu. For more information on Spokane’s Riverfront Park, check out their site to see what events might be happening when you decide to dine at Clinkerdagger’s.

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