The Ultimate Travel Guide To Washington’s Spectacular Hood Canal

Nestled in between the Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains in Mason County, Hood Canal is a dream getaway for the savvy Washingtonians who know about it. It’s a peaceful place without a doubt, but you’ll also find a surprising amount of exciting activities for those who like to get active. Basically, Hood Canal is a choose-your-own adventure kind of place.

If you’ve never been to this picturesque part of Washington, you’re missing out on one of our greatest treasures. You’ll find it all here: culinary delights, wine tasting, cascading waterfalls, scuba diving and even skydiving. You can also ignore all of that and spend your time at a cozy cabin or bed and breakfast instead.

Whether you’re seeking an exciting adventure or a peaceful getaway, you’ll find it in Hood Canal. And if you visit, you’ll be close to some of Washington’s most charming small towns.