Here Are The 15 Most Generous, Giving Counties In Washington

We’re known to be extremely friendly & loving people here in the Northwest, and while we have some cities that are happier than others, wouldn’t it be interesting to know which areas in our state are the most generous?

As reported by The Chronicle of Philanthropy, these 15 counties in Washington donated the most to charity in 2012, although there are always honorable contributions happening that are not recorded. The Giving Ratios for these areas are the percentages of Adjusted Gross Income given to charity, as determined by the charitable deductions reported on income-tax forms. Based on this information, here are the most giving counties according to this source:

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As a state, our Giving Ratio overall was 3.08% with a total contribution of nearly $5 billion! So, what are your thoughts? What’s your favorite way to give back to the community here in Washington?