The Story Behind This Massive Traffic Jam Is So Perfectly Washington

As if Mondays weren’t already dreadful enough, Seattle residents traveling along Interstate 5 on Monday morning were stuck in stand-still traffic after a tanker tipped over. Blocking both directions of traffic, the highway was shut down for roughly eight hours due to the fact that the tanker was filled with propane and was at high risk for explosion. Soon, those anxiously waiting in their cars began to smell a sweet hint of Mexican food coming from the Tacos El Tajin food truck. Making the best out of a less than desirable situation, the food truck began serving up their menu items. Anyone who was willing to make their way through the maze of stalled cars on the freeway was able to enjoy Taco Tuesday a bit sooner than originally planned!

In no other state will you find residents that can turn lemons into lemonade quite like this. Or should we say… traffic into tacos? Below you can see video footage of the traffic and food truck captured by Federal Way resident Rachel McQuade that was originally sent in to Q13 FOX:

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