Visit Ozette Beach In Washington, A Hidden Gem Beach That Has Its Very Own Petroglyphs

Do you like a bit of history or art with your hike and beach trip? If so, you can reach the petroglyphs all over this beautiful beach by trail at low tide, and the historic art is breathtaking. After finding and deciphering the images, the scenery is a definite bonus. Mark Ozette Beach down for a future bucket-list-worthy trip in Washington when nature sounds like the best destination for the day.

Olympic National Park does charge a per-vehicle or per-person fee for entering the park, so be prepared before you you arrive. Otherwise, you can purchase an annual pass at the park website. For more information about the hike itself, check out the Wedding Rocks Trail AllTrails page for the route map, reviews, and weather forecast.

Address: Wedding Rocks, Washington, USA