There’s An Emerald Waterfall Hiding In Washington That’s Too Beautiful For Words

Have you ever asked yourself, “what are some beautiful waterfalls near me in Washington”? If so, you’ll be glad to hear that there are countless beautiful waterfalls in Washington. Today’s destination, Lewis River Falls is one that belongs at the top of your itinerary, although it’s hardly the only one worth exploring.

From the stunning Snoqualmie Falls to our official state waterfall, Palouse Falls, Washington is definitely the perfect state for waterfall lovers. And our famous natural wonders aren’t the only ones worth seeing — we’ve got plenty of hidden cascades worth exploring. Lewis River Falls is just one of them; however, you’ll quickly discover that exploring this emerald waterfall is a bit like entering a new world.

The Lewis River Falls Trail is a wonderful hike for waterfall lovers. But if you’re short on time and asking yourself “what are the closest waterfalls in Washington near me?” check out our waterfalls road trip.

Address: Falls Road, Falls Rd, Washington, USA
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waterfalls near me in Washington

June 29, 2021

What are the most beautiful places in Washington?

Of all of Washington’s stunning natural attractions, you’ll find that it’s hard to beat the striking beauty of the coastline. Perhaps one of the most famous and dazzling coastal destinations is Shi Shi Beach. This iconic beach looks like something from a postcard, and it’s also home to a series of sea stacks, caves, and pools known collectively as Point of the Arches. This otherworldly beach is located right on the tip of the Olympic Peninsula and if you’ve never been, it’s definitely bucket-list-worthy. Learn more about Shi Shi Beach and why it’s one of the most beautiful places in Washington.

Does Washington have any natural wonders?

You bet! It’s hard to visit or explore the state of Washington without checking out some of the state’s world-famous natural wonders. These famous landmarks include Mount Rainier, Palouse Falls, the Ape Caves, the Hoh Rainforest, the Columbia River Gorge, Mount Saint Helens, Dry Falls, North Cascades National Park, the Enchantments, and Deception Pass. How many of Washington’s natural wonders have you experienced in person?

What are some hidden gems in Washington?

When it comes to hidden gems in Washington, there are quite a few to explore. From the mountains to the coast, Washington is filled with gems both natural and manmade just waiting to be uncovered. Some of the best-kept-secrets in Washington include Blue Lake Rhino Cave in Coulee City, Stehekin Valley in Chelan, San Juan Island National Historic Park, Port Williams Beach in Marlyn Nelson County Park, Afterglow Vista in Friday Harbor, Waterfall Garden Park in Seattle, the Temple of Power near the North Cascades Visitor Center, Soulful Soups in Spokane, and Beckler Peak in Stevens Pass. Have you visited any of these hidden gems in Washington?

Address: Falls Road, Falls Rd, Washington, USA