This Mouthwatering Ice Cream Trail In Washington Is All You’ve Ever Dreamed Of And More

It’s no secret that we love our ice cream in Washington. The city of Seattle alone sees new homemade ice cream spots pop up every single year, not to mention the classic mom and pop shops you’ll find in our small towns. And since “ice cream weather” is slowly but surely making its way through the state, we’ve created a delicious ice cream trail that’s sure to put you in the mood for summer fun. After all, when was the last time you devoted an entire day (or weekend) to enjoying ice cream?

While Western Washington has seen the arrival of more ice cream shops in recent years (with more to come in the near future), the fact is, Eastern Washington tends to see the sun a bit sooner, so our epic ice cream trail begins there. Feel free to recreate this idea in any part of the state you see fit!

Ice cream is simply the best. Here’s a list of some of our favorite ice cream shops in Washington.