Without a doubt, Washington has one of the most diverse landscapes in the country. If you need proof, all you have to do is check out the Olympic Peninsula. Not only is it one of the most majestic places in the Pacific Northwest (and the country), but it’s also filled to the brim with natural wonders. You can see the vast majority of it in a weekend by taking the Highway 101 Loop in Washington, also known as the Olympic Peninsula Loop. It’s one of the best scenic drives in Washington!

When was the last time you explored Washington’s Olympic Peninsula? Share your experience with us in the comments section below! If you’re searching for more picturesque driving adventures around the Evergreen State, these 7 Washington scenic drives will make you fall in love with Washington all over again.

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Whether it’s for this drive or any other time you are planning to hit the road on a trip, make sure you use our ultimate road trip packing list. You’ll be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the view knowing you’ve thought of everything!

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