People Will Drive From All Over Washington To Frisko Freeze, For The Nostalgia Alone

While we love hearing about new restaurants opening in Washington, sometimes nothing tops a good old-fashioned burger from a roadside spot that has been around for decades. Since 1950, Frisko Freeze has been providing the good people of Tacoma with tasty burgers, irresistible shakes, and priceless memories. And these days, it’s a statewide icon.

Frisko Freeze is one of Tacoma’s historic landmarks, and it just happens to serve scrumptious food. Multiple generations of Washingtonians can remember coming here fondly, and we hope this place sticks around for generations to come. Read all about the current menu and hours on the website.

Address: Frisko Freeze, 1201 Division Ave, Tacoma, WA 98403, USA