Few People Know One Of Washington’s Most Popular Rivers Is Hiding A Dark And Terrifying Secret

When we go out into nature, we don’t always think of the things that may have happened in that exact place. While bad or terrifying things can happen just about anywhere, we don’t think anything will happen when we’re enjoying an activity like, say, swimming. One dangerous nature spot in Washington that you may have enjoyed yourself is one you should exercise caution at the next time you visit.

Have you ever gone for a swim in the Wenatchee River? Do you know of another dangerous nature spot in Washington? If so, please tell us about it in the comments. To learn more about the Wenatchee River, visit the Wenatchee Outdoors website.

Did you know that the Columbia River is the oldest river in Washington? It’s true! Read more about its history and gain a better appreciation for this natural wonder.

Address: Wenatchee River, Washington, USA

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