Experience A Beautiful Piece Of Living History At The Columbia River, The Oldest River In Washington

The Columbia River is the fourth largest by volume in North America — and to Washingtonians, it’s a beloved part of history (and the present). This majestic body of water provides us with power, fish, recreation, and endless beauty, and we’re truly lucky to have it. Scroll on to learn more about the oldest river in Washington.

The Columbia River is one of the most astonishing rivers in Washington. It’s so rich in history, dozens and dozens of books have been written about it. And you can get some incredible views of it simply by visiting the Columbia River Gorge.

Do you know the long history of the oldest river in Washington? What is your favorite spot to visit? Let us know in the comments!

Address: Columbia River, Columbia River
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oldest river in Washington

December 21, 2019

What are the best historic landmarks in Washington?

There are so many incredible historic places in Washington. The Whitman Mission National Historic Site in Walla Walla is a must-visit. The Whitman Mission was founded by emigrants on the Oregon Trail. In 1847, it was the site of a horrific massacre that contributed to the U.S’s westward expansion. This destination commemorates the bloody history surrounding the area. Fort Nisqually Granary, located in Tacoma, is another fascinating historic landmark in Washington. Fort Nisqually was the first European trading post on Puget Sound. It has since been relocated to Point Defiance Park. Today, visitors can explore the area and learn about its history. To learn more about Washington’s best historic landmarks, read our article here.

What are the best scenic overlooks in Washington?

The Washington Pass Overlook is one of the best scenic overlooks in the state. These gorgeous views are nestled along the North Cascades Highway. You won’t ever want to leave this magnificent attraction. The breathtaking sights never get old. It’s one of the best places to soak up the natural beauty in Washington.

What are the best waterfront hiking trails in Washington?

The Langus Waterfront Trail on Smith Island is an incredible hiking destination. This breezy trail is perfect for beginners and seasoned hikers. The level terrain makes it accessible for everyone! Bring the whole family and enjoy the tranquil waterfront views. The Arboretum Waterfront Trail, located long Lake Washington in Seattle, is another wonderful walking path. The path is only about a half mile long, but it leads you somewhere spectacular. You’ll love marveling at the giant wetland. To learn more about the best Washington waterfront hikes, read our article here.

Address: Columbia River, Columbia River