Washington’s Best Tacos Are Sold In the Unlikeliest Of Places

Washington’s most popular tacos are not sold from a truck or an upscale eatery. And for years, their most local patrons tried to keep them a secret. But now that there are four locations, it’s safe to say the secret is out — and if you’ve never heard of Seattle’s Tacos Chukis, allow us to introduce you.

Capitol Hill

Address: 219 Broadway East, Seattle, WA, 98102

South Lake Union

Address: 832 Dexter Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98109

Beacon Hill

Address: 1608 South Roberto Maestas Festival Street, Seattle, WA, 98144

Central District

Address: 2215 East Union Street, Seattle, WA, 98122


If you love tacos, you can eat your way through half the state on our tasty taco trail.