It’s Impossible To Forget These 7 Horrific Winter Storms That Have Gone Down In Washington History

While the east coast of the United States tends to endure the fallout from an icy winter storm time and time again, we enjoy a fairly tame winter here in Washington state. Unfortunately, though, this isn’t always the case. The Evergreen State has seen its share of treacherous winter weather, and these horrific storms from our history are proof that sometimes our “mild” winters can be anything but:

During these uncertain times, please keep safety in mind and consider adding destinations to your bucket list to visit at a later date.

We’ve had some pretty intense storms here in Washington, and not just in winter. This one in the spring of 1972 was deadly, too. What’s the most intense weather event you can remember? Tell us about it in the comments!

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Winter Storms in Washington

October 11, 2021

What is winter in Washington state like?  

Washington is a beautiful state where the winters are probably a lot milder than you’d expect. Folks tend to picture snowy, icy winters here, but most of the time, that’s not the case. Winters in western Washington are delightfully mild, with an average daytime temperature of about 79 degrees and a nighttime temperature average of 45 degrees. Sometimes, temperatures dip below the freezing mark, however, this only occurs a few times every year. Winters tend to be more wet than snowy; in fact, the two wettest months of the year are in the dead of winter – January and February! Thanks to the presence of the Pacific Ocean, winters in Washington state are quite bearable, especially when compared to places further north!  

What kind of natural disasters in Washington are there?  

Washington is one of those states who are nestled in a “just right” kind of zone; it’s not prone to things like tornadoes or ice storms, though occasionally, strange weather events do happen. The most likely natural disasters to occur in Washington is flooding, of which a “bad one” usually happens every four years or so. The next-highest-likely disaster in Washington is wildfires, which pose a very real and unfortunately rapidly growing threat to the entire state, but especially the drier parts east of the mountains. Landslides are a factor to worry about with flooding, of course, though landslides are not quite as likely to occur as, say, a flood. Ultimately, Washington is a pretty “safe” bet when it comes to gambling with natural disasters; the odds of a truly catastrophic disaster are low. Interested in some of the bad times Washington has had? Okay – how many of these do you remember?