15 Words You’ll Only Understand If You’re From Virginia

Awhile back we did an article on “Things You’ll Only Understand if You’re from Virginia.” There were a number of words and phrases that, seriously, you’d only get if you’ve done your time here. There were also some sayings that Virginians use by virtue of being Southerners.

Then, there were entire categories of words that sparked debate. Some people grew up saying them. Others had never heard them before. And still others had a completely different pronunciation. Finally, a reader pointed out that, actually, there should be separate lists depending on where you live in Virginia. After taking a look at some more of the comments, I realized that truer words had never been spoken.

We’ve gone through the suggestions that y’all (that was one we all agreed on) sent in and we’ve pulled some classics. Now, before you start telling me that I’m clearly not from the South or have obviously never lived in Virginia, let me assure you, all of these suggestions have come from readers describing the words and phrases they use in their part of Virginia.

And so here you have it… regional dialect. Compliments of Only in Virginia.


Chesapeake Bay (Northern Neck):


Northern Virginia:

Central Virginia: 

South Central:

Southwestern Virginia: 

And these…well, these just made me laugh…

And now it’s your turn to chime in! Do you agree with what other readers have to say about their regional words and phrases? Let us know in the comments below!