Here Are 17 Jokes About Virginia That Are Actually Funny

Alright folks, we’re shaking things up a little today. We do our best to bring you exciting, informative, and entertaining articles every day – and that’s not about to stop. But we already know Virginia is awesome. Sometimes we just need to lighten the mood a little, have a laugh at ourselves, and admit a few things about Virginia that are pretty darn funny if you stop to think about them. Now¬†before you go all Virginia-militia-protect-your-homeland on the comments section, just remember that these are all meant in good fun. So hopefully you’ll have a chuckle and we’ll get back to real life tomorrow…enjoy!

Ahhhhh. #15 gets me every time. Not only am I am pretty sure I know a couple of these (in my immediate family), I’m only slightly worried that I’ve become one. Hmmm. Anyway, hope you had fun. Tell me your favorite Virginia joke in the comments below…I can always use a laugh!