These 16 Pieces Of Architectural Brilliance In Virginia Could WOW Anyone

When it comes to beautiful architecture, Virginia has an almost endless supply. As as a state, we have some of the greatest minds in design, starting with greats like Thomas Jefferson, and carrying on through today. Two of our state universities are ranked in the top 10 architecture schools in the nation – Virginia Tech is #4 for undergrads and University of Virginia is at #9 for graduate programs.

I was excited about this article, because I love the artistry of building design and construction. But what I found is that there were so many incredible buildings to choose from that I soon became overwhelmed. So what I am offering you is a list of some of my favorites — from beautiful  to bizarre.

Like I said in the beginning, there’s no way to mention every structure that deserves to be featured in this article. All I can do is show you some of my favorites. But, as always, I want to hear about yours! Tell me about your favorite Virginia buildings in the comments below.