West-Coasters Try Some Of Virginia’s Favorite Foods And The Result Is Hilarious

Biscuits with country ham and red-eye gravy? That’s what we call “breakfast” here in Virginia. And boiled peanuts? Everyone eats those, right? As it turns out, some of our favorite foods are not exactly standard fare for the rest of America. Thanks to Buzzfeed, we can take a look at what happens when non-Southerners try some of the south’s favorite foods. And while the foods on this video aren’t all exclusive to Virginia, there are plenty of our favorites represented…and the reactions are nothing short of hilarious.

My favorite comment? “I think all Southern food feels like it’s prepared with love.” Yep! That just about sums it up! Hope you’ve enjoyed this as much as we did. What foods would you have added to the menu? Let us know in the comments below!

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