The Small Mining Town In Virginia That’s Rumored To Be Cursed

Virginia’s mountain communities are beautiful, close-knit, and resilient. Yet they’ve also faced struggle, particularly in the light of coal and railroad industries that have come and gone over the years. One prime example is a small community known as Ivanhoe, Virginia. Located in Wythe County, this Appalachian locale is also rumored to be cursed. In the late 19th century, a traveling preacher known as Robert Sheffey reportedly placed a curse on the town after the people there rejected his ministries and teachings. Since then, the town has faced a series of incredible hardships. Be it the curse or simply the changing of times, there’s no denying that Ivanhoe has seen struggle. Here’s a closer look at this tucked-away mining town in Virginia’s southwestern corner.

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Address: Ivanhoe, VA 24350, USA

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