This Amazing Timelapse Video Shows Virginia Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

We know that no footage can do justice to Virginia’s beautiful scenery. However, when you can’t always make it in person, a great video is definitely a close second. This video that shows the Blue Ridge Parkway in a series of timelapse photography shows off some of Virginia’s most beautiful natural attributes.

The photographer behind the creation of this video, Dan Whittaker, captures the spirit of the Blue Ridge Mountains through vibrant colors and stunning footage of the night sky. The area he focuses on is known as the Saddle, which is an overlook off the Parkway connecting two high points on Rocky Knob Mountain. You’ll be completely mesmerized by hundreds of breathtaking shots that have been condensed into just 67 seconds.

More of the photographer’s work can be found here. What did you love most about this video?