The Strangest Town In The Mid Atlantic Is Right Here In Virginia… And You’ll Want To Visit

As a very important disclaimer, we’re using the term “strange” as an equivalent for unique. Because there is truly no place on Earth quite like the island of Tangier.

We write about this community often, as its history, location, and way of life are truly different than any other you’ll find along the East Coast. Tangier, Virginia can be only be accessed by air or sea, but visiting is well worth the effort. Despite the fact that the landmass of the island is quickly disappearing, locals feel their roots to the island are stronger than ever. Here’s more on why you’ll want to plan your visit to the strangest town in the mid-Atlantic.

Have you visited Tangier Island recently? What was your experience there like? We’d love to hear from you! For related content, be sure to read about The Amazing Virginia Restaurant You Can Only Get To By Boat.