The Creepy Small Town Of Stevensburg, Virginia Is Known For Its Spooky Paranormal Activity

With its eerie streets, abandoned places, and extensive history, it’s commonly known that Virginia is one of the more haunted states out there. And that’s especially true in the small town known as Stevensburg. Located in Culpeper County, this haunted town in Virginia is a noted place for paranormal activity. Most all of its haunted allegations revolve around Salubria, a manor built in the late 1700s. Here’s more on the fascinating — and chilling — history of this haunted town in Virginia.

Visit the official website to learn more about Salubria Manor. What are your thoughts on this haunted town in Virginia? Have you visited this area recently? We’d love to hear about your experiences — paranormal or otherwise.

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Address: Stevensburg, VA 22741, USA

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Haunted Town In Virginia

July 26, 2020

Where is the creepiest town in Virginia?

While Stevensburg, Virginia certainly qualifies for haunting, there are a handful of other towns that are equally as creepy, if not more so. One of the creepiest towns in Virginia is Wash Woods. Though it’s been abandoned for decades, this chilling town near False Cape State Park was once home to a significant amount of people. The town was established after a shipwreck off the coast of the Atlantic. Sailors came ashore and, unsure what else to do, decided to build a community using cypress wood and pieces of the ship. The fascinating part about Wash Woods is although there haven’t been many reports about paranormal activity, there’s an undeniably unsettling feeling when you visit. Old tombstones, crumbling structures, and the fact that there are no roads leading out lend a bone-chilling feeling to this former Virginia community.

What are the scariest haunted attractions in Virginia?

Located in northern Virginia, Paxton Manor is considered to be among the scariest haunted attractions in Virginia. Not only does this historic home house paranormal energy, but it also happens to be outfitted each year as a haunted house attraction. The Paxton Manor Haunted House is so terrifying, in fact, that visitors are required to sign a waiver before entering. For 30 minutes, visitors who are feeling fearless will roam the hallways while figures dressed as clowns and creepy dolls chase them down. Fortunately, proceeds from these epic tours directly benefit the Margaret Paxton Memorial Learning and Resource Center, which is a nonprofit campus for children.

Are there any ghost towns in Virginia?

Wash Woods is one of the most famous ghost towns in Virginia, but it’s not the only one. Another famous abandoned town in Virginia is Matildaville, which is located in Great Falls National Park. Established in 1790, Matildaville was established as a planned community for the newly-built Potomac Canal. The town quickly became a popular tourist destination, complete with houses, stores, a gristmill, and even an inn that once welcomed Theodore Roosevelt as a guest. Eventually, though, the town declined and residents left by 1828. Hike the Matildaville Trail in Great Falls Park and you’ll notice some of the ruins left behind.

Address: Stevensburg, VA 22741, USA

OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.