The Newest Pest Invasion In Virginia Has Caused Parts Of The State To Go Under Quarantine

Here in Virginia, we’re no strangers to pests. Whether they be ticks, cicadas, or ants, they have an uncanny way of getting our attention and causing anxiety. While some pests are harmless, others wreak havoc on our plants. One such example is relatively new to Virginia and could have dire consequences to our native tree population: the Spotted Lanternfly. Here’s more on the newest pest invasion in Virginia that has caused some parts of the state to go under quarantine.

What are your thoughts on this newest pest invasion? Be sure to share with us in the comments below. If you have noticed the Spotted Lanternfly in Virginia, be sure to make a report to the Virginia Cooperative Extinction.

For more information about the Spotted Lanternfly, you can this recent article from the Washington Post.