Scratch Biscuit In Roanoke, Virginia Will Now Be Serving Homemade Barbecue, And The Combination Is Delightful

Scratch Biscuit Company already had our attention with their homemade biscuit recipe. So the news that this beloved eatery will now be serving barbecue is nothing short of epic. Just in case you needed yet another reason to visit the unique town of Roanoke, the city will now be home to arguably one of the most mouthwatering dining spots in the region.

Have you sampled the homemade biscuits from Scratch Biscuit Company or the barbecue from Mama Jean’s? We’d love to hear all about it! For related content, be sure to read about this mouthwatering barbecue joint in Virginia.

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Address: 1820 Memorial Ave SW, Roanoke, VA 24015, USA