One Of The Most Scenic Spots To Watch A Mountain Sunset Is Right Here In Virginia

Nothing beats a sunset here in Virginia. That’s especially true if we’re talking about a mountain sunset. Not only does this unique perspective showcase the stunning landscape of Virginia, but you also get to marvel at all the gorgeous colors that seep into the sky. While there are plenty of places to enjoy such an experience, there’s one spot in particular that might take the cake.

Nestled just outside of Roanoke is a natural gem known as Carvins Cove. Nearby, you’ll find a hike that leads to a gorgeous overlook of the water and the Roanoke Valley. If you can time your hike to watch the sunset from the top, you’ll have the experience of a lifetime. Here’s a quick look:

The trail can be accessed from 39 Tinker Mountain Road, Daleville, VA 24083.

For a detailed outline of this hike, including directions and more, you can click here. Have you attempted this hike or even watched the sun set here? We’d love to hear about your experiences!