These 11 Rustic Spots In Virginia Are Extraordinary For Camping

Camping is the perfect summer experience. Not only do you get to enjoy the beautiful outdoors, but you also have the opportunity to make memories with friends and family that will last through the colder months ahead. Even better is the chance to disconnect with the busy world of technology and enjoy the stillness of nature. Virginia has some of the best campgrounds in the nation. So many diverse landscapes means stunning places to pitch a tent. The following sites are ideal for making s’mores, singing campfire songs, stargazing, and all sorts of summer fun.

Even if it’s just for one night, taking a camping trip can be the highlight of your summer. You’ll discover new appreciation for this beautiful state and spend precious times with loved ones. Be sure to check out this article we published last summer for some additional awesome camping spots. Which of these camping sites do you plan on visiting this summer? We’d love to hear about your plans!