The Passamaquoddy Trail In Shenandoah National Park Is A Beautiful Hike For Wildflower Lovers

Attention, wildflower enthusiasts! Tucked away in Shenandoah National Park awaits a lovely trail that promises all kinds of colorful surprises. Namely, hundreds of wildflowers. As you might have guessed, wildflower blooms are seasonal; however, this particular trail is likely to have at least a few things blooming if you visit between springtime and early fall. Of course, even if you miss the flowers, you can still look forward to beautiful scenery and a healthy dose of fresh air. Here’s more on what you can look forward to when you hike the Passamaquoddy Trail in one of the best state parks to visit in Virginia.

Have you hiked this lovely wildflower trail in Virginia before? If so, tell us all about your experience! Looking for even more wildflowers to enjoy? Check out the Bay View Trail at Mason Neck State Park.

If you’re curious to identify the various flowers you’ll see along the trail, be sure to consult this handy identification guide courtesy of Shenandoah National Park.

Address: Passamaquoddy Trail, Lexington, VA 24450, USA
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State Parks To Visit In Virginia

January 26, 2022

What are the most well-known state parks in Virginia?

Looking to explore some of the best state parks in Virginia? Don’t worry, you’ll certainly have your pick. Oftentimes the best parks in Virginia will be the most well-known, or the ones that offer the best amenities. For instance, the coastal state parks in Virginia are some of the most popular simply because of the incredible views. We’ve come up with a road trip that will take you to some of the best coastal state parks in Virginia. Starting with False Cape State Park and trekking through Belle Isle, this is one road trip you do not want to miss.

Does Virginia have any natural wonders?

With so many things to do outside in Virginia, it can seem overwhelming where to start. Sure, there is a bevy of state parks to visit in Virginia, but how about natural wonders? With such a state that is defined by outdoor attractions, there are quite a few Virginia natural wonders you should be adding to your bucket list. For example, have you ever been to Mount Rogers? It’s the perfect place to see Fraser fir forests and wild horses. In addition, Devil’s Marbleyard in the Jefferson National Forest is also a natural wonder not to be missed.

Which state parks should I visit in Virginia?

When you’re looking to find some hiking trails in Virginia or sweeping scenic campsites, we recommend starting with the state parks. For anyone looking for those lesser-known state parks in Virginia that offer true natural beauty, we have eight that should be added to your bucket list. Or, if you want to just work your way through 17 of the best state parks in Virginia, you can easily choose one each month and be busy for almost two years. The ultimate outdoor adventure awaits!

Address: Passamaquoddy Trail, Lexington, VA 24450, USA